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Korongo Nuba wrestling match. Copyright: George Rodger Archives Shatt Saffyia. Photo: Dave Stewart-Smith (1995)
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Wrestlers in the Korongo Jebels face each other at the beginning of a match. Copyright: George Rodger Archive (1949)
Nuba wrestlers. Photo: Suleiman Musa Rahhal
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A wrestler from Tabanga, al-Gedail. Photo: Suleiman Musa Rahhal (1997)
Shatt Saffyia, in Nuba Mountains. Photo: David Stewart-Smith. (1995)
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Wrestling match at Shawia village. Photo: David Stewart-Smith (1995)
'Sibr' gathering in the Korongo Jebels. Wrestlers spar with each other before the actual bouts take place. Photo: George Rodger (1949)