Forcible resettlement of Nuba detainees

In another report thousands of Nuba detainees from SPLA areas settled two months ago in Koufa and Kanja were forcibly removed on 10 October to the “peace camps” situated around Kadugli. 

This operation comes at the time when people are preparing to harvest their crops which are only a few weeks away from being cultivated.   The government armed forces usually begin their attacks on villages when the harvest is ready for collection.  The destruction of harvests has become part of a well-established policy to starve the Nuba and force them to submission, using food as a weapon of war.  This means that these villagers will never be able to go back to their villages and their crops will be destroyed by the soldiers. 

While the world’s attention is focused on the US disaster and the effects  of the US bombing of Afghanistan, the Sudanese Government is taking this opportunity to try to crush the SPLA in the Nuba Mountains and to deprive the Nuba out of their ancestral lands. The Government two weeks ago embarked on a programme of arming Nuba in Western Kadugli to fight their next of kin: a policy known as ‘kill a slave with a slave’. 

Nuba Survival urges the international community not to let the regime in Khartoum get away with this mass killing of innocent civilians when the world now is united to fight the brutal killings of those who died in the attack on the World Trade Centre.