Pan African Movement and Justice Africa

Nuba and South Blue Nile Civil Society Forum 

Kampala, 21-24 November 2002

Press Statement on Non-Participation of Ten Individuals from the Nuba Mountains

The Nuba and South Blue Nile Civil Society Forum was organised by Justice Africa and hosted by the Pan African Movement. Due to considerations of balanced representation and cost, participation in the consultation was restricted to designated invitees. On the opening day of the Forum, an additional ten individuals, nominated by the Government of Sudan, arrived at the consultation venue and requested to participate. These individuals included the following: 

1.      Dr Kabashur Kuku

2.      Dr Falal Tawir Kafi

3.      Ibn Omer Ahmed Saboun

4.      El Hireika Izz el Din

5.      Elsa Abakar

6.      Mohammed el Sheikh el Tayeb

7.      Esta Kuku Rahhal

8.      Awatif Abdel Hamied

9.      Dr Bashir Nawai

10.  Dr Hassan el Masha 

Unfortunately, due to their failure to communicate their wish to attend to the conference organisers ahead of time, it had not been possible to consider their request for participation. Furthermore, the possibility of the participation of a significant number of government-supported delegates raised important questions of balance in representation in a civil society forum. For these reasons, the conference organisers offered a compromise solution, which is that two places be offered to the delegation, to replace two others who had thus far failed to arrive. However, the above ten individuals insisted that either all be included, or none, and therefore decided not to participate at all. The organisers regret this decision, and offered to invite them to participate in future consultations, subject to considerations of political balance and budget. 

Subsequently, the two original invitees who had been delayed did arrive, and joined the forum. Two others who arrived were offered observer status, which they accepted. 

A similar offer, of four places, was made to government-supported delegates from Southern Blue Nile. These delegates accepted this offer. 

The conference secretariat makes the following observations: 

1.      Arrangements for the participation of these individuals had not been coordinated in advance with the conference organisers.

2.      For budgetary reasons, the number of participants could not be expanded beyond the numbers originally envisaged. The organisers paid their expenses for the two nights spent in Kampala, but not for any further extension. 

The Pan African Movement and Justice Africa regret the disappointment caused to these individuals through their inability to participate in the forum. However they underline the importance of proper consultation with the conference organisers in advance of the forum, and look forward to including them on a future occasion. 

The consultation was the fourth ‘Kampala Forum’ convened by Justice Africa and the Pan African Movement. The previous three conferences, held in 1999, 2000 and 2002, focused on human rights challenges for the reconstruction of Sudan and the issue of women’s rights. These conferences were well-attended by individuals, organisations and political parties from across the Sudanese political spectrum. Two important books have been published from these conferences. Prominent individuals who attended included the following, among many others: 

·        H.E. Mubarak el Fadil el Mahdi

·        Amir Abdel Rahman Nugudallah

·        Sid Ahmed el Hussein

·        Lubaba el Fadil

·        Dr Francis Deng

·        Mustafa Abdel Gadir 

Justice Africa and the Pan African Movement will continue their series of consultations on the challenges of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Sudan.

Yoanes Ajawin


Justice Africa

 24 November 2002