Nuba Agreement On Political Solution

The Nuba Allied Political Parties, established recently by the Free Sudan National Party, Nuba Mountains Union and Sudan National Party presented a position paper to the US Special Envoy for Peace in Sudan, John Danforth during his visit to Sudan between 11-13 November. The paper, signed by all three party leaders, explained the problems of the Nuba people within the context of the prolonged conflict in Sudan. The paper proposed the following solutions:

All previous peace initiatives forwarded to solve the Sudan problem have ignored the Nuba problem and other marginalised areas with the exception of the South.

The Nuba activists believe that if the warring parties do not agree on one democratic federal united Sudan, in which the Nuba have their own confederal state, the country will eventually split into separate states North and South. In this case the Nuba people have the right to self-determination as follows:

  1. to join the northern state;
  2. to join the southern state;
  3. to establish their own independent state.

Should the the final option be chosen, the Nuba Mountains should be monitored by the international community until the Nuba people are ready to declare an independent state.