NMAP Position: Letter to General Lazarus Sumbeiywo from the Alliance Parties

General Lazarus Sumbeiywo     

IGAD Secretariat



Date 5th August 2002


Dear General L Sumbeiywo, 

We the undersigned Nuba Mountains Alliance Parties would like to express our wholehearted support for the Machakos Agreement, which is an important step towards solving the Sudanese problems. Although the Alliance did not take part in the negotiations, it will do its best to push that agreement ahead to achieve a comprehensive peace settlement for our country.  

However, we in the alliance are extremely concerned about the Nuba Mountains future because the issue of the Nuba Mountains as well as the marginalised areas in northern Sudan were not mentioned in the agreement. 

One of our concerns is that the agreement speaks only about North and South with no reference at all to the Nuba Mountains as if Nuba Mountains is part and parcel of either South or North.  

We in the Alliance and on behalf of the Nuba people of Sudan would like to bring to your attention that the Nuba Mountains boarders of 1925 Provinces Act, clearly indicate that the Nuba Mountains is a separate region which has its own entity. Therefore, it is important to bear this fact in mind at your next negotiations in Nairobi. The Nuba position can be summarised as follows:


  1. During the Transitional Period Nuba Mountains region should be administered separately from the north and the south and it should be under the supervision of international bodies.

  2. At the end of the Transitional Period, the Nuba people should have the right to determine their political future in Sudan and freely choose one of the following options:

(i). To be one of the separate regions in a united secular democratic Sudan. However, if the people of Southern Sudan decided to opt for an independent state, the Nuba should also have the right of a referendum to choose one from the following options:    

(ii).  To choose to join Southern Sudan state but with certain guarantees

(iii). To choose to join Northern Sudan state but with certain guarantees

(iv)  To choose to become an independent nation state in the same way of the south 

  1. The Nuba people should be represented in the Broad National Government during the Transitional period.
  2. Acknowledge the just division of national wealth between the states, with special consideration being given to war affected areas. Certain proportions of revenues should be allocated to the states reflecting their resources.


Finally, we trust that the Nuba issue will receive your immediate attention and will be discussed in the next IGAD peace talks, which is scheduled for 12th August 2002.

Yours sincerely, 

Signed by The Alliance Parties: 

Nuba Mountains General Union

Sudan National Party

The Free Sudan National Party 


cc         GOS 

cc         SPLA 

cc         John Danforth 

cc         IGAD Partners: USA, UK and Norway and Swiss Government