Organisations and associations with an interest in Nuba issues:

Survival is a worldwide organisaion supporting tribal peoples. It stands for their right to decide their
own future and helps them protect their lives, lands and human rights

Sudan Update
Sudan Update has been a key point of reference for news and information about Sudan since 1989,
and our independent network's briefings and publications on Sudanese culture and politics are now
going online. Fresh material is being added all the time, so please check here often!

Justice Africa
Justice Africa initiates and supports civil society activities for human rights, democracy, and peace in
Includes general information about Sudan, news and discussion board.

Nuba Mountains Home Page
Private home page covering the war in the Nuba Mountains

New Sudanese Indigenous NGOs (NESI-Network)
The main objective of NESI-Network is to work together towards achieving a just and fair Sudan for all regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion/faith etc. They are currently operational in the margenalized areas trying to alleviate the extremely poor conditions under which the people live. Their Motto is "self-reliance and a dignified life-style for our people".