Facing Genocide: The Nuba of Sudan
African Rights

The Nuba Mountains of Sudan have been completely sealed off to the outside world for six years. This book is the result of the first investigation into the secret war in the region. Evidence from dozens of testimonies from the victims themselves reveals a war of genocide, waged by the Sudan Government with the aim of obliterating Nuba society and culture for ever. 

Facing Genocide details how the Sudan army is systematically destroying villages of the Nuba Mountains and abducting their inhabitants, who are taken to ‘peace comps’---centres of fear, abuse and enforced changes of culture. Men are killed or forcibly conscripted into militia; women are raped or ‘married to soldiers for the duration of the troops’ tour of duty.. Children are separated off for indoctrination into Islamic extremism.

Many of the Sudan Government’s most closely-guarded secrets are revealed in this book. One of the darkest is that, in the name of Islam, it is burning and desecrating mosques in the rebel-held areas. 

Facing Genocide also contains a history of the war in the Nuba Mountains since its outbreak in 1985. An analysis of the of culture, religion and struggle for control of land in the conflict, and an examination of the record of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. 

July 1995
ISBN 1899477047

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