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Nuba Survival's primary objective is to focus on the predicament of the Nuba people of Sudan.  This involves supporting the activities of local humanitarian agencies in the Nuba Mountains and educating the international media about Nuba cultural heritage.

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Building the capacity of civil society in the Nuba Mountains

By Suleiman Rahhal

Between October 2007 and March 2008 Nuba Survival Foundation (NSF) in collaboration with Nuba Mountains International Association for Development (NMIAD) embarked on a capacity building project in the Nuba Mountains. The prime objective of this project was to build the capacity of civil sector and the community in the region. This is an important paramount to pave the way for building confidence, trust and peace between the Nuba and the Arabs tribes living in the region. Click here to continue.


Kadugli Recent Events

While there are political authentication and rapid development taking place in Sudan, yet the suffering of the people in Nuba Mountains still continue, and it is increasing steadily day by day. Click here to continue the story.


The Prospect for Peace and Sustainable Development in the Nuba Mountains. 

By Shaza Suleiman Rahhal

A paper presented on 3rd March 2007 at the conference titled �Professional Young Sudanese Women and their Role in the Future of Their Country�, held at St. Anthony�s College, Oxford University. 

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A Brighter Future For The Nuba Mountains

5th February 2007

For the past two years the Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum has been assiduously and with great interest following the Naivasha Agreement since it was signed in Kenya. Our main focus was on the implementation of the agreement, particularly in Southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains region. However, it appears that its implementation is undergoing serious problems, in particular regarding the clauses  stipulated for the Nuba Mountains, despite the fact that there were so few.

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The newsletter of Nuba Survival: an independent voice for justice and democracy

Volume 3          issue 4      December 2005


Can the new Government deliver a lasting peace for Sudan?  After long hard talks and bitter wrangling over who should run the ministry of energy and mines, the two parties - the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan people's Liberation Movement (SPLM) finally reached an agreement on Thursday, 22 September 2005 and announced the formation of what so-called a "government of national unity"

Ru�ya Association appeal to International community for help Between 23 and 30 September 2005 the British Council organized an international seminar on 'Leadership in Civil Society and Promoting Transformation changes', which was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Zeinab Mohammed Balandia, Director of Ru'ya Association (RA) and human rights activist was among the delegates who participated in this seminar and represented Sudan. 

Cease-Fire: Cross line Culture Ceasefire is a new collaboration between Abdel Gadir Salim and Emmanuel Jal, one of Sudan's most established musicians and one of its newest. The story behind the album - and the contrasting characters responsible for its creation is every bit as fascinating as the music is captivating, as Peter Moszynski explains.

Make Poverty Histroy: Can Africa make it? Today nearly three billion people all over the world go without the most basic things. 

Nuba Democratic Forum 1st Conference The first Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum (NMDF) conference was launched on Saturday 16th July 2005 in Den Hague city, Holland,

US Pursuing Active Diplomacy in Sudan Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer's approach to building peace in Sudan is an active, practical one involving day-to-day contact between members of Sudan's new government of national unity and top U.S. officials like Vice President Cheney, as well as frequent travel to the region.

Nuba Land Rights The Nuba Mountains area is situated in the geographical centre of the Sudan and covers an area of 30,000 square miles. The area is inhabited by populations estimated to be over two millions and 61% of these inhabitants are indigenous Nuba. The other groups who share the land with the Nuba are mixture of Arab tribes, namely Hawazma, Meissyeria), Fellata (from west Africa) and Jellaba (merchants from northern Sudan). 

Darfur Conflict Deepened The conflict in Darfur has deepened despite the new government of national unity in Khartoum and the increasing number of African Union Peace keeping force presence in the region. 



Other news:

Between 14 - 28 October 2005, Oxdox in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University, showed exhibition of photographs of the Nuba Tribe from central Sudan by the famous British photographer and co-founder of the Magnum Photographic Agency (with Henri Cartier-Bresson), George Rodger. These magnificent prints were shown for the first time in Oxford at Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University. The exhibition was organised by John Hoole, who was also involved in the major retrospective of George Rodger, at the Barbican in London. At the same time Oxdox was showing 100 international documentary films at Oxford Festival and among these films there were three Nuba documentary films - "Kafi�s Story" produced by Arthur Howes and Emy Hardie, "Pure Nuba", Produced by Tomo Kirznar, South Kordofan film produced by George Rodger. Pure Nuba film was also shown at Princess Charles Cinema in London on 24 October 2005


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